Why Rubik's

The Cube that moves the world. 

A success story spanning more than four decades, Rubik’s Cube has inspired designers, artists, mathematicians, and millions of cubers from Alaska to New Zealand. The perfect mix of fine form and flawless function, the magical Cube is a present-day style icon.

Rubik’s Cube has the power to captivate, fascinate and challenge people. More than a mere toy, Rubik’s Cube is a wonder of modern times.

Introduced in 1974, the Cube was the brainchild of Hungarian professor Ernő Rubik, who used his invention to teach three-dimensional design to his university students. The idea came to him in the spring; by fall, the Cube was in his hands. He received the patent on January 30.1975, and in the same year Magic Cubes were launched in the Hungarian market. In 1979, the Cube swept the rest of the world. By the early 1980s, one of five people worldwide had known the pleasure of cubing.

The Internet brings the second wave. 

Today millions of websites, social media pages, and YouTube clips are all about cubing. It continuously inspires generations of creative minds.

Ernő Rubik on his Cube:

 “For me, it is a work of art. What still interests me today is not however the magical cube is viewed as an object, but its relationship with the user.” (Zeit online 3/2009)

A magical relationship

Rubik’s Cube appeals to everyone. If you see it, you want to touch it, turn it, twist it. This puzzle is so compelling we can’t help but want to solve it. And it’s so self-explanatory, there’s nothing to learn.

Everyone gets it

Simple yet sophisticated, Rubik’s Cube is a refreshingly real brain-teaser. Today so many of us spend so much time dealing with virtual reality at work and at play, we’re delighted when we come across a hands-on challenge we can actually touch.

Rubik’s Cube is a challenge

Brainpower, creativity, and perseverance—that’s what it takes to solve the cube. As in life, if you bring all this to whatever challenge, chances are you will succeed.

The magic conjured by this cube makes it one of the most compelling advertising tools of our time!

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