The rubik's promotion team

Delia is our customer service representative in Toronto, helping our clients on the East Coast.
Eszter is our graphic designer making sure your promo products and packaging looks exactly the way you imagined.
John is the CEO of Rubik's Promotions, Inc. with 30 years of experience and insight into branding and promotional business solutions.

Promotion team

Rubik Promotions is pleased to be at your service. As an official supplier of premium quality, original promotional Rubik’s products in Canada. Our company has the official Licence, granted by Rubik's Brand of U.K. for the use of the Rubik name, Trademarks, and Copyright with respect to Rubik's promotional products in Canada.

The Rubik Promotion Team has several decades of combined experience in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of prestigious Rubik’s promotional toys. As part of such an iconic operation, we understand what you need to promote and market your business and your brand sets you apart from the competition.

Established in 2006, our company is headquartered in Victoria, B.C. We help entrepreneurs, brands and small businesses on the West Coast, while our Toronto office works with corporations, universities, and start-ups on the East Coast. Our distribution facilities are located in both cities. Choose from all the available Rubik’s promotional products and then let us get to work.

Customer service

Our customer service representatives work around the clock on both coasts to make sure you can reach us with your questions any time during our business hours.

Graphic design

Our in-house graphic designer works with you to create the best look for your promotional product. Not only do we create the design for the product, but we also customize the packaging tailored to your needs. With 25 years of experience as a graphic designer, working on hundreds of unique designs for our customers, Eszter is truly one of the best in her field. Check out our portfolio to see her previous works.


Rubik Promotions Inc. is fortunate to have a leader who has complete knowledge of branding, toy and promotional business solutions. John has been working with Ernő Rubik‘s for more than three decades. You can be assured your brand is in good hands.