Rubik’s Mini Cube

Rubik's Mini Cube - 6 side for your logo

Rubik's Mini Cube is great for ages 7 and up. Mini Cube Dimensions: 1.6"3 (4cm3) Rubik's Mini Cube  is the little brother of the world's best selling original, Rubik's Cube. Although its pocket size is less intimidating in appearance, it still provides a perplexing challenge. The objective is the same as its bigger brother... to turn each side in a combination of moves returning it to 6 solid colored sides. Rubik's Mini Cube offers the same geometric and logical skills building as its larger sibling. If you've already mastered Rubik's Cube the Mini Cube uses the same principles. If you haven't mastered its big brother, Rubik's Mini Cube is a great place to start learning the logical approach to its solution.


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