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Rubik’s cube Inspiration

If you need inspiration to get through the day, look no further! We bring you yet another story about how the Rubik’s cube inspired one man and how it unleashed amazing energy within him just by solving it.

Becoming blind

Exactly one year ago a routine cataract surgery left Sameer Doshi permanently blind after an incorrect dosage of steroid drops. So many would have felt their world has just collapsed on them – but not Doshi. With some help from his wife, Doshi shared his amazing story on Reddit in a post on Thursday, writing, “A year ago I went blind. Today I solved my ‘modified’ Rubik’s cube.”

Modified Rubik’s cube

And just what did Doshi modified on the Rubik’s cube that allowed him to solve it blind? Read what we had to say:

 After returning to work I needed a challenge since I couldn’t play games. So I decided to learn to solve a Rubik’s cube (while blind). I modified a cube using velcro, plastic gems, and Dora-the-Explorer puffy stickers.

This one short post ended up receiving 36,000 votes, 1,200 comments, and even  supporters for his 2014 campaign. Some users even contributed to his PAC, Illinois Vision Forward as he is now running for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives as his latest challenge.


“Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I don’t have vision,” Doshi commented.

Hundreds of users were inspired by his persistence and many even dubbed him a “champion.”

“Your husband has more drive than any man I’ve met in person,” one user wrote. “I honestly think I’d be really depressed if this happened to me, but here he is wanting to run for a place within the government. What a great guy.”

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Are you up for a challenge? Take The Ultimate Rubik’s Quiz and see how you fare against the others.

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Giagantic Rubik’s Cube

Do you want to help build a gigantic Rubik’s cube? Well, here is your chance to take part in the latest Rubik’s project. Last year we wrote about the Rubik’s cubes upcoming 40th anniversary in 2014 that will kick off a world tour starting in the United States. The exhibition opens in New Jersey at the Liberty Science Center in April 2014. For this occasion the organizers want to build a one and a half stories high, glowing, remotely controlled Groovik’s cube as the centerpiece of the traveling exhibition that we could all see from miles away.

7 years 3 continents

Next spring, the Liberty Science Center will present a huge interactive exhibition for the Rubik’s cube anniversary and will launch a 7-year-long demonstration around the globe, showing the world’s most successful puzzle and the many cool things the Cube has inspired in robotics, engineering, mathematics, design, art, and film. The exhibition is called Beyond the Rubik’s Cube that will be traveling to three continents in the next seven years.

Groovik’s Cube

The original Groovik’s cube was built for the Burning Man art festival in 2009, however unfortunately it is not strong enough for such an extensive travel. With your help  a new and improved, next-gen Groovik’s cube could be built by the designer as the main attraction for the traveling exhibition center. The centerpiece would be placed in front of the Liberty Science Center for nine months before going on tour around the world.

Why Groovik’s cube?

Many people may wonder, why the organizers picked the Groovik’s cube for the exhibition. According to them the Groovik’s Cube has an exciting and positive impact on the community for the following reasons:

  • It’ll be a giant, bright symbol of the power of math, science & creativity.
  • It’ll bring Cube enthusiasts around the world together by being controllable via the web.
  • The process of constructing and installing the giant object will help us educate kids in engineering problem-solving.

How can you help?

Perhaps you’ve heard of websites where you can recruit investors from all over the world if they are interested in your idea and project.  For this campaign, the organizers at Rubik’s are trying to exploit the opportunities provided by where the collection of funds began two days ago. Yes, they are looking for help from investors and from all of us who love the Rubik’s Cube and want to see the Groovik’s cube completed. The minimum grant amount is $25 and the highest is $35,000. While $25  will get you   poster of the Groovik’s cube, $200 can buy you a poster with Erno Rubik’s own signature in limited edition. For $ 5,000 you get to spend an hour with a speedcuber who will teach you the ins and outs of the Rubik’s cube.  For $35,000 you and another person can visit the birthplace of the inventor and spend time with Paul Hoffman, CEO of Liberty Science Center.  If you wish to take part in the Groovik’s Cube project, visit the official site HERE.

Below you can listen to Paul Hoffman, Director of Liberty Science Center explaining the project.

Photo Source: Liberty Science

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Rubik’s cube World Championship

On June 5, 1985 the very first Rubik’s Cube World Championship was held in Budapest. Back then only one event existed, the 3 × 3 cube solve. The first winner of the World Cup, Minh Thai from the United States, walked himself into the Rubik’s cube Hall of Fame when he completed the cube in only 22.95 seconds. We all had to wait 21 years for the second World Championship held in Toronto, Canada and in order to avoid another long wait, Tyson Mao from the US and Ron van Bruchem from the Netherlands formed the World Cube Association (WCA). The first official WCA championship was held in 2004 and since then, there is a World Cup every other year.

The world’s best speedcubers in Sin city

This year Las Vegas will be hosting the best and quickest speedcubers from around the world. The event will take place in Nevada Riviera Hotel and Casino. The competition runs between July 26-28. There is still time to Register online until July 1, 3013. All other information, including events, travel and competitors can be found on

Canadian Rubik’s cube competitors

Currently there are already 394 registrations shown on the official 2013. Rubik’s cube World Championship website. Canada will be represented by the following speedcubers:

Wilson Cheang; Thanh Gia Truong; Nathan Pinard; MIcael Boulet; Kristopher De Asis; Justin Jaffray; Julian Favell; Julian David; Jackson Pichurski; Forte Shinko; Eric Kulchicky; David Hoar; Dave Campbell; Darwin Xiao; Daniel Que; Claude Cantin; Celeste Anderson; Carlo Flores; Bryson Xiao; Antoine Cantin;

Good luck to all of them and we will keep you posted about their results.

The video below was filmed at the competition by Jeastman in Toronto last year.


Charity Update


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Charity Update

Not too long ago we shared a story about a young autistic boy, named Max Parker, who  indirectly gotten so many of us together to help autistic people. As you remember, Max has started using the Rubik’s cube as part of his therapy and ended up becoming a Rubik’s cube champion. Through his inspiring story we embarked on a journey and started to work with the wonderful people at Asperger’s Society of Ontario.

Toronto Yonge Street 10K

Even though we could not be at the 10K run representing Rubik Promotions Inc, our cubes were there in the hands of all the kids and parents. Before and after the run they were all twisting and turning them enthusiastically. ASO had a successful weekend where runners proudly sported “Boston Strong” bibs and ribbons in honor of those killed in the tragic Boston marathon.

IMG_1721 The ASO team

At the booth – Benjamin Ayres & Huse Madhavji & Pete Zedlacher

As you can see it on the pictures the ASO booth looked wonderful with the exciting addition of the custom Rubik’s Cubes. Benjamin Ayres and Huse Madhavji were both part of the ASO running team and after proving their physical endurance they showed us their mental toughness as well solving the Rubik’s cubes. Comedian Pete Zedlacher also stopped by at the booth for his very own ASO custom cube and made a generous donation as well.

IMG_1630 The booth


The ASO has raised close to $10,000 from this event to date, with more donations and pledges expected to flow in until the cutoff date of May 14th. (There is still one week left!) This is a GREAT success for ASO. As a non-profit, charity organization they don’t receive any funding support from government agencies and rely only on fundraising events and donations to provide the services to the Asperger community.

Happy boy

Let me quote Alexandra form ASO about her favorite part of the entire event below:

“The highlight of my day was when a young boy with Asperger Syndrome came by the booth with his mother and asked if he could have a cube. When I happily gave one to him, he jumped up and down excitedly, tore the packaging off and immediately began working the puzzle. His mother said he collects Rubik’s Cubes. He said, “this Asperger one is my favorite. It’s my favorite! I love it!”

Thank you ASO for letting us be part of your wonderful efforts!

Photo Source: Aspergers Society of Ontario

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Build your home using Rubik’s cubes

When we see something fun and original, we tend to think that some people either have too much time on their hands or they are the most creative minds on the planet. The thinkers at Movoto has come up with something just like that. They created an application where given the parameters of the house we want to build the program calculates how many Rubik’s cubes we need to complete our Rubik’s house. Not only am I now aware of the amount of cubes I would need, I also know  how long it would take the fastest speedcuber to build the house for me as well. I better call Felix Zemdegs to get it done extra fast.

Do you want a Rubik’s house?

Here is your chance to find it out. Check out Movoto’s app and figure out how many customized Rubik’s cubes would you want us to make for you. 🙂


Customized Rubik’s house

Seriously, we can do it! If the application gave you ideas for your next marketing campaign let us know, we can help you create your own customized mock-up house. This should be a very fun project for all of us. If you would like to learn how Movoto created their Rubik’s house application click right here. Enjoy!

Source: Movoto

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