• All fonts converted to vector curves with same color outline only.
  • When artwork is submitted with border settings within the image, and not re-sized to exact size, the borders must be converted to outline fills in order to maintain proper resizing alignment. Intersecting areas must be separated into individual segments if hidden or effects art paths and/or strokes are used or submit artwork “sized-as” for imprinting.
  • 2-colour vector files must include the full vector file of the combined color printing to be done, as well as the individual separation color vector arts for each color converted, to black.
  • If you wish a multicolored logo imprinted as a single color, you must include the black vector art of the logo as desired for imprinting (no gradients). The black will be color matched according to your PMS requirement(s) during the imprinting itself.
  • Send digital files, either by disk or e-mail it to
  • All art should be sent as a vector file with all type converted to outlines or curves, with reduced nodes and closed paths.
  • Four Color Process custom files should be built in a vector file, with a placed 300dpi resolution CMYK .eps or .ai file.

Adobe Illustrator: Save as .ai Illustrator CS3, CS2, v10, or v9 (fonts set to curves black outline only.)

PDF: .pdf files are accepted if saved as highest resolution (press) and all type saved to outline or curves.



Rubik Promotions is not responsible for any reproduction of unauthorized trademarked or copyrighted logos supplied by distributors. Proper use of trademarked or copyrighted logos is the responsibility of the distributor. All damages incurred as a result of unauthorized use will be the liability and responsibility of the distributor in full.



In order to serve you better Rubik Promotions, provides, at no charge, an “ART APPROVAL FORM” containing information concerning your order – PLEASE CHECK THEM CAREFULLY!

If you require your artwork changed, there is a minimum charge of $10(G).

(cannot mix SKU’s to equal minimum quantity.)

If you require your artwork emailed, please specify the email address on the PO.
No delivery dates can be assured until the Art Approval Form form is signed and returned.



We accept wire transfer or Company cheque.

First Time Orders: Must pay 100% by T/T, 50% with order and 50% one week before shipment.

Wire Transfer: We will send instructions.

Late Payments: Invoices are due net 30. Accounts over 30 days past due will be charged a finance charge of 11% per month on unpaid balance.



GSP or C/O is available, document fee $60



Please note that due to changes in the China Customs (Exporting) we require a letter stating we have permission to use the Logo from each company who’s registered “Trademark or Copyright” Logo we are printing. This only pertains to anything that is copyright or trademarked and printed in China. This is not necessary for anything printed at our warehouse. This change is effective immediately. Thank you very much for your assistance.



Please phone Rubik Promotions Canada at   or send us an email to to verify pricing.



Most products contain small parts — not for children under 9 years old.

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