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 National Geographic Channel – “The 80s. The Decade That Made us”

To promote their latest series focusing on 80s culture, National Geographic Channel hired ad agency The Corner  and also Simon Crawford, the UK Rubik’s Cube champion to create a 60 second video targeting their audience.

Simple Idea


“Sometimes the simple ideas are the best,” says The Corner’s Tom Ewart of the creative idea at the heart of the campaign. “Taking the ultimate 80s icon, the Rubik’s Cube and using it to tell the story of ten dramatic years that changed our world has created, we hope, something relevant and compelling.”


The ad for the show The 80s. The Decade That Made Us has started airing around the world already on  the National Geographic Channel.

Tell us what you think about the ad and whether you will tune in to watch the series.

Photo and Video Source: National Geographic

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