Competition Results


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Competition Results

A few weeks ago we wrote about the upcoming Toronto and Vancouver speedcubing competition. Both events were held this month with great expectations from the very best Canadian cubers. More than 50 competitor entered the race in Vancouver and well over a hundred participant arrived to Toronto for the big win.

Vancouver Open 2013

Kristopher De Asis won the Vancouver Open, Winter 2013 with an average of 11.46 seconds. Ibrahim Vajgel-Shedid finished second (11.63) and Jacob Hutnyk finished third (12.75). Check out the results for all the events below:

Event Person Best Average Citizen of
Rubik’s Cube Kristopher De Asis 9.58 11.46 Canada
4×4 Cube Jacob Hutnyk 38.16 45.59 Canada
5×5 Cube Ibrahim Vajgel-Shedid 1:13.16 1:21.26 Canada
2×2 Cube Jacob Hutnyk 3.53 4.08 Canada
3×3 blindfolded Nick Vu 2:50.43 USA
3×3 one-handed Sittinon Sukhaya 16.05 18.23 Thailand
Pyraminx Sittinon Sukhaya 7.11 8.87 Thailand
Square-1 Takao Hashimoto 17.15 19.96 Japan

Toronto Open 2013

Harris Chan (on the picture) won the Toronto Open, Winter 2013 with an average of 9.62 seconds. Antoine Cantin finished second (10.15) setting a new National Record for single solve at 7.16 seconds. And Emily Wang finished third (10.15). Check out the results for all the events  HERE.

Montreal Open 2013

The next competition is on March 23, 2013 in Montreal, Quebec, for the Montreal Open 2013. Registration is open for the event.

Photo Source: World Cube Association

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