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Asperger’s Society of Ontario

Not long ago I have posted about 10 year old autistic boy, Max Parker who has started using the Rubik’s Cube as part of his therapy. We felt this story might have very good value to parents and teachers alike and we wanted to share it with as many people as possible. This is how we came in contact with the wonderful people at Asperger’s Society of Ontario. Those of you who live with autistic children and adults or know someone with autism can benefit from organizations like the ASO to understand the wonderful world of autistic people.

ASO and Rubik Promotions

Our story lead us to ASO and when they asked us to help, we couldn’t say no. Our journey together started thanks to Max and hopefully we are able to help others by participating in ASO’s Toronto Yonge Street 10k event that is coming up on April 21, 2013. If you’d like to help as well head on over to and put a pledge on your favorite runner. 100% of the funds raised through ASO events goes directly towards the Asperger’s Society of Ontario.

Rubik’s cubes

When ASO asked us if we can help we knew right away that the best gift would be the Rubik’s cubes. Check out the cubes we donated to ASO to give away at the event and tell us what you think of them?  We wish all participants to have a great run this weekend and don’t shy away from sharing your stories with us!

Photo Source: Aspergers Society of Ontario

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