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Competition Results


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Competition Results

A few weeks ago we wrote about the upcoming Toronto and Vancouver speedcubing competition. Both events were held this month with great expectations from the very best Canadian cubers. More than 50 competitor entered the race in Vancouver and well over a hundred participant arrived to Toronto for the big win.

Vancouver Open 2013

Kristopher De Asis won the Vancouver Open, Winter 2013 with an average of 11.46 seconds. Ibrahim Vajgel-Shedid finished second (11.63) and Jacob Hutnyk finished third (12.75). Check out the results for all the events below:

Event Person Best Average Citizen of
Rubik’s Cube Kristopher De Asis 9.58 11.46 Canada
4×4 Cube Jacob Hutnyk 38.16 45.59 Canada
5×5 Cube Ibrahim Vajgel-Shedid 1:13.16 1:21.26 Canada
2×2 Cube Jacob Hutnyk 3.53 4.08 Canada
3×3 blindfolded Nick Vu 2:50.43 USA
3×3 one-handed Sittinon Sukhaya 16.05 18.23 Thailand
Pyraminx Sittinon Sukhaya 7.11 8.87 Thailand
Square-1 Takao Hashimoto 17.15 19.96 Japan

Toronto Open 2013

Harris Chan (on the picture) won the Toronto Open, Winter 2013 with an average of 9.62 seconds. Antoine Cantin finished second (10.15) setting a new National Record for single solve at 7.16 seconds. And Emily Wang finished third (10.15). Check out the results for all the events  HERE.

Montreal Open 2013

The next competition is on March 23, 2013 in Montreal, Quebec, for the Montreal Open 2013. Registration is open for the event.

Photo Source: World Cube Association

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Rubik’s mosaic is world’s largest

Rubik’s mosaic is made of 85,794 cubes is world’s largest and the achievement earned the Guinness World Record to Toronto-based Cube Works Studio.  Standing over 13 feet high and 200 feet wide, the artwork recreates the skyline of Macau, China that was installed on the Macau waterfront just outside Hong Kong in December. They worked very hard  over the past few months to conceptualize, design and twist each of the 85,794 Rubik’s Cubes into this monumental work of art.

Cube Works Studio

Cube Works Studio collaborated with international teams to design a mosaic made entirely of Rubik’s cubes.  A team of 20 people assembled the Rubik’s cubes using a digital transformation of art paintings and photos into pixel art. This was the third time that Cube Works Studio has designed and assembled the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube mosaic. There are plans  in motion for even bigger projects in the months to come.

Macau, China

The mural is currently on display for visitors to enjoy on the Macau waterfront until late January where it will be taken to its permanent home which has yet to be announced. Don’t forget to watch the time-lapse below.

Photo Source: cube

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Stop motion art and the Rubik’s cube

We have seen so many creative ways of using the Rubik’s cube.  A few years ago someone came up with the idea to build mosaics out of Rubik’s cubes. Building a Rubik’s cube mosaic simply means you have to twist each cube in such way that each piece when put together creates the picture you desire. Technology, of course, now plays a huge part in creating such art works and today we found a music video that took the art of mosaic a step further and created a stop-motion artwork using the Rubik’s cubes.

Musician Jason Chen and the cubes

Musician  Jason Chen and his video crew is blessed with a lot of patience and time, I might add. In his latest video entitled Thank You, they built a mosaic using 500 Rubik’s cube using the different colors of the cubes to make a portrait of his significant other. Using stop-motion techniques, the Rubik’s Cubes then move the portrait and provide the rest of the music video. In order to use stop-motion technique to create the portrait and the video sequence the director and his team had to rearrange the 500 cubes to make each frame just right.  Seems quite time-consuming, right?

Rubik’s cube mosaic and your brand

Now that you have seen all the fun you can have with the cubes, take a second and think about applying that to your business. We at Rubik Promotions Inc. can create your own mosaic that you can display at your headquarter, office or expo that your company attends throughout the year. Imagine how many heads it would turn and the how often potential future clients would strike conversation with you because of the creative display you surprise them with. If you are interested in seeing your logo on a Rubik’s mosaic send us an email to:

To check out all the cubes in motion take a look at Chen’s new video below. The cubes really start moving at around 1:35. Enjoy!

Photo and Video Source:



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Canadian Rubik’s cube speedsolver

Meet 12 year old Vince Capocelli, who started playing with the Rubik’s cube just like any of us. However, for Vince the Rubik’s cube became an obsession. His current best  is 25 seconds on average and he works tirelessly to get even better. “I want to work hard and learn more algorithms and learn more parts of the method to become really fast — like as fast as them,” said Vince, referring to top speed solvers.

Speed solving

For those of you who are not familiar with the expression “speed solving”, it simply means that you are trying to solve the cube in the least amount of time possible. The current world record is held by Australian born Feliks Zemdegs with 5.66 seconds.

World Cube Association

Throughout the year there are many official WCA Rubik’s Cube competitions all over the world and every other year kids and adults alike can compete with the best at the European and World Championships. If you are interested in who are the top Canadian Rubik’s cube competitors currently check them out HERE.

CTV Montreal

CTV Montreal has interviewed Vince Capocelli recently and their full report can be read right on their website, where you can watch the video with Vince and other speedcubers like himself.

Photo Source: CTV Montreal


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